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Digital brochures: adding value to your brochure project spend

Your new brochure or catalogue has been written, designed, printed and mailed. That can be a big investment in time and budget, which no doubt you’re keen to make the most of. So how about putting it on your website and linking it to email sign-offs and email newsletters too?

Great, but when viewed on screen in its current form of static PDF pages it isn’t a particularly enticing reading experience for your audience. By converting the PDF document into a digital page turning brochure you can give your audience a new way to view it and create more reader interest and added interaction.

With the look and feel of a traditional paper brochure, a digital brochure has the effect of turning the pages as a physical brochure does. It also has a host of easy to use features which makes for a memorable reader experience... things like full screen mode, the ability to zoom in, bookmarks, keyword search and sharing on social media. Videos can also be embedded in the document – a great opportunity to tell more of your story! 

Size isn’t an issue either – we’ve produced digital brochures ranging from 4 to 60 pages and it doesn’t have to stop there! Feel free to have a play with the digital brochure we produced for EcoWater Systems. This one includes video.


Here are a couple more digital brochures we designed and created: 

Trouw Nutrition - CalFix 4 page detailer

MSD Animal Health - Nobilis 20 page technical brochure                                                              

Digital brochures can be viewed on any computer or mobile device and are SEO optimised for all the keywords to be visible to search engines (the text is kept as plain vector text and not converted to images). You’ve got the option of how you wish to store your digital brochure too; we could host it and provide you with the link, it could be uploaded and linked from your website, or even provided as a standalone and self-contained executable file that can be put on a memory stick or CD.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss adding digital brochures to your marketing mix.

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